Oxon Builders Ltd have been fitting kitchens in and around Oxford for nearly 10 years.

Oxon Builders Ltd have been fitting kitchens in and around Oxford for nearly 10 years. You can buy your kitchen from a huge range of online and high street retailers or we can recommend bespoke kitchen designers to create your perfect kitchen. Whatever you decide Oxon Builder’s kitchen fitters will fit it for you perfectly.

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home, both socially and financially. According to many experts the kitchen is the only room that will have a significant impact on your property’s value so it is worth investing in a good kitchen to enjoy while your living in the house and to add value when you decide to sell.

Some people may just want to spruce up their existing kitchens with new worktops, doors and possibly appliances which is a more economical option as Oxon Builders Ltd. are happy to help with your kitchen refurbishment at any level.

If you’re starting from scratch it is important to start thinking about the design of your kitchen from the very early stages of a build. If you are utilising existing space like a garage and converting into a kitchen or having a purpose built extension for the kitchen of your dreams, it is important to start considering your kitchen design before the ‘first fix’ electrics and plumbing are started.

It is customary to simply position a sink under a window and worktops along the walls. Clients often accept this is how the kitchen needs to be designed but this is not the only option, we can help you consider how you will use your kitchen how to get the best and cost efficient design for its use.

Although retailers will offer a fitting service, at Oxon Builders Ltd. we recommend you consider using experienced trades-persons; joiners, plumbers, plasterers and electricians rather than risk having ‘fitters’ to fit the kitchen given that how expensive your kitchen might be costing, especially if you’ve had it designed for you.

We are happy to work alongside kitchen designers or fit retail bought kitchens, we never pull our teams off a job once it’s started so you can be sure of a fast and professional fit.