Oxon Builders Ltd have been building extensions in the Oxford area since 2009.

Oxon Builders Ltd have built many extensions in the heart of Oxford and the surrounding areas. Oxford is one of the most expensive places in the UK to buy a home as demand far exceeds supply, so if you need more space an extension is an ideal way to increase the size of your home.

Extensions can be anything from a single room to a double floor extension and usually are more affordable than moving house. If you do not have the space to extend you might consider a conversion of a loft or garage and turn this valuable and unused space into a much needed extra bedroom.

Even with a small extension there are many aspects to consider during the planning process and throughout the build that Oxon Builders Ltd. will help you understand and deal with; finding a good architect, dealing with the building inspectors, building regulations and finally the completion certificates. We have included some information below to point you in the right direction.

Planning Permission for extensions in Oxfordshire

You may need planning permission for your extension and you will need to approach your local District Council (not the County Council) for advice and to apply.

Most Oxfordshire District Councils offer a planning advisory service so you can ask questions before you officially apply for planning permission as not all extensions will need planning, e.g. you can build various single storey extensions without planning permission, providing the extension fits within certain parameters. (for example https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20197/permitted_development/721/permitted_development_rights).

Visit https://www.gov.uk/planning-permission-england-wales for a full list of caveats and then get in touch with you district council for advice and to apply.

Helping you through the process

Once you have planning permission (if you need it) there are other legal issues to consider as your project progresses that Oxon Builders Ltd. will help you with.

Party Wall Notices

If you are planning an extension that will affect a wall that you and your neighbour share you have to serve notice to your neighbours when you are planning the build.

Building Regulations and Inspectors

During the build and particularly at certain key stages such as fitting steel beams, a building inspector will need to come to inspect the build (regardless of whether planning permission is needed). This ensures building regulations are being met and the quality of the build is up to the government’s standards. We will liaise with the building inspector on your behalf and make sure they are notified to visit at key stages so there is no hold up in the progress of the project.

Completion Certificates

Once your extension is completed and the building inspectors have been to ensure every regulation has been met and the build is to a high standard you will be issued with a Completion Certificate from your local council.

Oxon Builders Ltd. know that you not only need excellent quality at the agreed price but that the project should run smoothly and consistently. This is why we offer all the trades your extension will need as well as a dedicated project manager to ensure the legal side of you project runs just as smoothly.