Oxon Builders Ltd work with many Oxfordshire architects for both domestic and commercial clients.

Our approach to working with architects is one of full collaboration. We work closely with Architects to ensure that their aesthetic visions for clients become a reality. We have over 30 years’ building experience and have teams of trades to complete all the elements involved in any commercial or domestic project so we can help manage the project and the client.

Oxon Builders understand that some Architects can find working with less experienced builders a challenge, homeowners or commercial clients may feel caught in the middle of two contractors they trust giving conflicting advice. We believe that by keeping the lines of communication open, and being flexible team players, we can ensure that we are providing the best construction methods and keeping an eye on the build budget at the same time as supporting the Architects plans for function and design.

Complex projects & specialist trades

The more complex a project is, the more important communication becomes, with our experience and in-house specialist trades we have a proven track record of successfully completed projects including listed buildings, HMOS, developments and commercial refurbishments.

Oxon Builders has over 30 years’ experience in the trade and respects the architectural profession. When our experience in building is matched with an Architect’s experience and everyone is willing to work together, projects run very smoothly.

Exteriors and Landscaping

If the project involves the garden, driveway and landscaping, Oxon Builders can cover all these exterior needs. With our electricians on-hand we can incorporate any external lighting and bring the architects and designers plans to life.

Always on site

Unlike many smaller firms we don’t have to pull teams off site to attend other projects. When you choose to work with Oxon Builders you know that there will be workmen onsite every day. This consistency not only means projects are completed more quickly but also that you can reach the project manager on site whenever you need to discuss plans or help communicate with the client.

Trusted Partners

Oxon Builders are the trusted construction partners for many Oxford Architects because of our experience, reliability, size and commitment to work collaboratively.