Environmental Policy Statement

At Oxon Builders Ltd we manage our business to ensure that they are wherever possible, the least damaging to the environment. We comply with all the relevant environmental legislation, and adopt responsible standards as the basis of our sustainable environmental policy which is an integral part of our strategy for future business.


  • To carry out our business activities with respect and care for the environment, our neighbours and local communities.
  • We shall plan and manage our environmental impacts and actively seek to develop opportunities to positively protect and enhance the environment.
  • Practice good housekeeping and to comply with appropriate environmental legislation and other requirements at all times.
  • Minimise waste and to carry out our activities mitigating pollution and nuisance to our neighbours · Build good relationships with the local communities.
  • Maintain and raise environmental awareness throughout the company.
  • Operate a profitable, long term business and to be good employers.

We will focus on Waste Management

We shall ensure responsible management of our own wastes, Encouraging reuse and recycling to minimise disposal to landfill

We shall dispose of our wastes in strict compliance with legislation.


We shall look to monitor, manage and reduce our use of energy and to evaluate alternative renewable energy technologies for implementation where they may be practicable.

Pollution control

We shall establish and maintain systems to avoid pollution of the environment and harm to human health. This will include procedures for safe handling, disposal and containment of substances that have the potential to cause pollution.


Subject to suitability for purpose, low emission vehicles will be operated by the company including LGV, light commercial vehicles and company cars. We will aim to minimise mileage driven by our vehicles as long as customer service is not compromised and routeing doesn’t have a negative impact on local communities.

All staff will be encouraged to drive in a fuel efficient and safe manner, We shall encourage staff who wish to use alternative forms of transport or vehicle share for journeys to and from their place of work.


We shall, where possible, endeavour to source materials locally, from responsible suppliers with an emphasis on recycled, or recyclable or sustainable products. When specifying new vehicles, Mobile plant and machinery, consideration will be given to minimising emissions, wastage and pollution. We shall also advise our suppliers and contractors to do likewise.